Multiple myeloma and The Iron Cross Movie

The movie The Iron Cross is a British thriller about a man who finds the killer of his family. It’s a unique movie that does keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The tragic part is the death of not only the director’s father, but the main actor as well.

This tragic story starts with the death of Joshua Newton’s father, who he was imagining the script around. He asked himself what his father would do if he found the person who murdered his family in the holocaust. This brought the story close to home for Newton.

In the story, Joseph travels to Nuremberg to visit his son, when his son tells him the person living above him is the man who murdered their family in the holocaust. This triggers a line of things to happen within the story. The father decides to kill the man for what he did to his family.

Shockingly, the actor playing Joesph, Roy Scheider, became ill with Multiple myeloma, the same illness that killed Newton’s father. While filming the movie, Roy Scheider continues to get sicker until he passed before the film was finished.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that effects white blood cells and attacks the part of the blood that attacks infections. It’s not a common form of cancer, but does effect many people every year. This cancer is tricky to treat and can be fatal for those diagnosed with it.

The film was finished with CGI to recreate the main actor in the film after he passed away. This was the only way to finish the film and at least get it into the hands of those who wanted and needed to see it.

The tragedy of the film is something a lot of people remember because of the sudden death of two people close to Newton and the film itself. This film will serve as a rememberance for the illness and the men who died from it.

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Synopsis of Iron Cross (2009)

Joseph is a Holocaust survivor and retired New York Police officer. Soon after his retirement, Joseph wants to see his son again. He and his son Ronnie have not had contact with each other since Ronnie chose to stay in the town of Nuremberg and marry the love of his life. Joseph let his pride get in the way when his son married. Instead of showing giving his son his blessing, he turned his back on him and his new bride.

Joseph arrived at Nuremberg after years of not being in the country. He started to experience the feelings he felt when he was a prisoner during the Holocaust. For years it took him to come to terms with seeing his family be killed during the holocaust and his life spared. The man that killed his family has never been prosecuted for his war crimes. He always wanted to see that man serve time for what he did. That was his motivation for becoming a police officer. He wanted to bring justice to other individuals that suffer, the kind of closure he never had.

Joseph and Ronnie meet several times and start to forgive each other. The trip is going better than expected, until Joseph sees Ronnie’s upstairs neighbor. His neighbor goes by the name of Shragger. Joseph is convinced Shragger is a fake name and this is the man that killed his family during the holocaust.

Ronnie remembers the stories his dad always told him of the holocaust and remembers they both vowed to seek revenge if the opportunity presented itself. With Joseph’s flashbacks coming more frequently of that fateful day, he is certain Shragger is the man. Joseph and Ronnie are filled with rage and devise a plan that will justify the death of their family on that horrific day.

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